We are a group of people who loves visual media. Our passion to tell a story through visual media pushes us to try new things and methods. We believe that combining our skills and passion we can deliver any message in most correct and beautiful way as it can be done. Currently we live and work in Norway , but happy to take on a project any place in the world

Aljona S. is our brilliant photographer who also takes a big part in design. She got her diploma in photography in 2012, an since that day haven ́t stopped amaze us with her amazing photographs

Pavel S. is a person behind our video productions as well as administration part of FellesFelix.
He got his bachelor degree in media production and since then he has participated in many different projects.

Andrey S. is our IT genius. Currently he works on his Ph.D in computer science at the Gjøvik University college. In addition to this he likes to solve challenging technical tasks and play with sourcecode.