We are always looking for new projects and ways to create beautiful visual media. For us it is a big deal to share with the world what we are up to, as well as what industry we┬┤re working in is up to. So please enjoy reading of our newsfeed

Non-paid jobs can pay off in other ways.
Inspiration can be found in places you couldn't think is possible. And this is the reason why we taking some non-paid jobs. It gives us opportunity to try new things and technics. This kind of projects gives us a most valuable thing a man can ever get, experience.

Lately we were doing some projects with a great people at Optimal prestasjon gym studio. They are going to have a promotional campaign in Moss district where they will place promotional billboards in some of district areas. Important thing is to show their gym as it is, which is spaces and cozy. From the moment you stepping into the building you really don't want to leave.

Our photographer Aljona S. used this opportunity to try some intersecting light technics. Instead for lighting up the whole place at onc , she concentrated on lighting up each part of the gum and later combine the images. As a part of experience we gain after this shoot is it's not only how to take a great picture of a big spaces areas, but how to plan shoot like this. It all comes down to planning sequence of picture and planning how to light up elements of one picture so it will play well with other picture in the sequence.

And now we can't wait to see how this beautiful picture will look on the streets of Moss.